analiti – WiFi Tester & Analyzer

analiti – WiFi Tester & Analyzer

Quick Internet Speed Test – for any network (WiFi, Ethernet, Cable, xDSL, LTE)
Detailed Internet Speed Test – with stats for RSSI, Phy speed, local and Internet pings, and much more
WiFi Networks Scan List – configurable list of details for networks and access points
WiFi Access Points Details – real time operational and configuration information, decoded beacon information elements
WiFi Channels Spectrum Map – for 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands and UNII subbands
iPerf 3 Server -TCP and UDP tests from iPerf3 compliant clients
iPerf 3 Client -TCP and UDP tests to iPerf3 compliant servers
Analytics – compare any two of 50 parameters, of any two network filters, over two consecutive periods

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